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D3 Boys

S.Y.B.A. Game Rules
Division 3 Boys


“Athletes First, Winning Second”.   Encourage positive participation, good sportsmanship, and respect for all players, coaches, referees and parents.  Have FUN!!

Division 3 athletes are 5th and 6th grade players.  They practice and play on an 10' goal using a 29" basketball.

Games will consist of 4 quarters lasting eight minutes each.  There will be 1 minute between quarters and 5 minutes for half time.  The first two quarters will be split into two 4-minute periods (A game with a team with only 6 athletes will also split the 3rd quarter.) Play resumes for split quarters with the team in possession of the ball when 4 minute period ends. The inbound at the start of a quarter will be determined by the possession arrow. A game ending in a tie will go into a 3 minute overtime period.  All standard violations will be called according to scholastic rules.

Each player must play a minimum of 8 minutes in the first half and enter the game at least twice in the second half.  The first 4-minute split of the first quarter players 1 thru 5 from the player roster will play all four minutes with no substitutions.  At the end of the first four-minute period teams must clear the bench of the remaining athletes as a substitution. The same substitution procedure must be followed for the second quarter and the third quarter if a team only has 6 athletes. Teams with 7 or 8 players, must rest every player a minimum 4 (four) minutes (1 split period) within the 1st half.  Teams with 6 players must rest 1 athlete per split quarter for the first 3 quarters to complete the mandatory rest period requirement. Athletes who arrive after the start of the 2nd quarter lose their mandatory playing time. Playing time is at the discretion of the coach for that game. 

The clock will run continuously and will only be stopped for time-outs, free throws and injuries.  On the last 2 minutes of the 4th quarter and overtime the clock will be stopped for all appropriate game clock time outs (according to official scholastic rules).  


Each team is allowed (1) one 20 second time-outs in the first half; (2) Two 20 second time-outs in the second half.  In overtime play each team will have one 20-second time out, time outs do not carry over into the OT period.


Each player has five fouls and will be out of the game on the fifth foul, except a team playing with only 5 players, in which case a two-minute penalty will be issued to the player.  The next foul on this player will result in a forfeit of the game for this team.


Teams may begin with 4 players but must play with 5 for a minimum of two complete quarters and end game with 5 (except for injuries & 2-minute penalty rule), otherwise the game is forfeited.  A team with two players on the 2-minute penalty rule will automatically forfeit.


Team fouls will be tracked, but we will only shoot the double bonus at the on the 10th team foul per half. 


When a team has a 20-point lead in the first half, the defense will be restricted to only play defense inside the 3-point line. Games with a 15-point lead in the second half will have a running clock that only stops for injuries. Clock will not stop for timeouts. No stoppage for timeouts or free throws. The scores will only be counted in the book, not on the clock. If the score reaches 14 or below revert back to the 15-point rule. Return to regular clock. 


Coaches are encouraged to allow every player to start at least one quarter per game; however, this is not a requirement.   Abuse of playing time will result in possible forfeit of game or other action as deemed by SYBA.  Questions about the minimum playing time requirement or other protest situations must be filed within 3 hours of the completion of the game by the opposing team. 


Coaches must submit the leagues play chart which details the mandatory playing time for each player before game time.


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