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D1 Coed

S.Y.B.A. Game Rules
Division 1 Mixed


“Athletes First, Winning Second”.   Encourage positive participation, good sportsmanship, and respect for all players, coaches, referees and parents.  Have FUN!!   Division 1 is a teaching basketball group.  The rules are modified so that the coaches may effectively teach the fundamentals of basketball.   

Division 1 athletes are 1st and 2nd grade players. They are the only coed group that we have.  They practice and play on an 8 foot goal using a 27" basketball.

Games will consist of 4 quarters lasting six minutes with no overtime.  There will be 1 minute between quarters and 5 minutes for half time. The clock will run continuously and stop only for time-outs, free throws and injuries.  On the last 2 minutes of the 4th quarter the clock will be stopped for all appropriate game clock time outs (according to official scholastic rules).  


Each team is allowed (3) three 20 second time-outs per game.


Each player has five fouls and will be out of the game on the fifth foul, except a team playing with only 5 players, in which case a two-minute penalty will be issued to the player.  The next foul on this player will result in a forfeit of the game for this team.


Teams may begin with 4 players but must play with 5 for a minimum of two complete quarters and end game with 5 (except for injuries & 2 minute penalty rule), otherwise the game is forfeited.  A team with two players on the 2-minute penalty rule will forfeit.


Teams will not be able to apply defensive pressure until the offense brings the ball across the red line.  No fast breaks allowed after any change of possession.  All change of possessions, play will be stopped and the defense will be sent to the opposite end of the court. 


Teams must make two passes per possession below the red line before scores are counted. Exception is the last 2 minutes of the 2nd & 4th quarters


All defensive play must be man to man.  No zone Defense, no Tie-Ups, no double team or traps, no stealing or reaching for the ball on the dribble.  Defense is allowed to steal on the passes or fumbled balls only. Defense can switch, but must maintain distance from the prior athlete.


The offense may not set picks or have designed screens. Defense cannot attempt, fake or block shots. Athletes attempting to block shots will render the possession to the offensive team.


Each player must play a minimum of two quarters. No player will be allowed to play four quarters unless every other player has played at least three quarters. Substitutions can only be made at the beginning of each quarter or in the event of an injury.  Abuse of playing time may result in a forfeit of the game. 


During the first 2 weeks 1 coach from each team will be permitted on the floor to coach and encourage the team. This is intended to provide on court coaching, not contesting calls by officials. 


Violations such as double dribble, traveling and carrying the basketball will be called in the first half of games, but the offensive team will maintain possession. Any player committing a violation will be stopped and warned of their infraction and the player will be given the ball to resume play at the division line. The 2nd half of the game, teams committing a violation will transfer possession of the ball.


When free throws are administered, all athletes minus the shooter will go to the red line. When free shots are completed the ball will be provided to the opposing team to inbound in their backcourt. The exception will be after a technical foul, which the shooting team will get the ball at the division line. 


Coaches must submit the score sheets which details the mandatory playing time for each player before game time.

 *Division directors make all game-time final rulings with regard to playing time.  Referees will be in charge of all other issues.


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